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Subject: Profiling works with html output, but not with fi/pdf


first of all I should mention that I am a relative docbook newby,
so I might have overlooked something. But I searched quite a lot
through documentation and mailing lists and could not find anything
related to my question.

Using profiling, I try to generate two versions of a document using
docbook 4.2. My customized html.xsl stylesheet works fine (using
html/profile-docbook.xsl). But my print.xsl stylesheet using
fo/profile-docbook.xsl always includes everything in the generated
fo/pdf output.

Is there something special to do concerning the fo stylesheet ?

NB: I put print.xsl and html.xsl in http://baaden.nerim.net/pub/
    if anybody wants to have a look
Thanks in advance,
  Marc Baaden

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