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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook + MathML .. html output ? PDF problem

Dear Bob,

thanks for your comments.

Bob Stayton said:
>> If it renders some math but not all, that would be
>> an issue in PassiveTex I think.

Ok. I'll check with those guys.

>> > - the html output does not show any equations, [..]
>> >   is it eg possible to rather generate images to
>> >   include for html ?
>> You can render it in PassiveTex, display in Acrobat, and
>> take a screen shot.

Hm. Well, yes. I was more looking for an automated solution.
Either (ideally) incorporated into the xsl-output driver, or
intermittently via a Makefile, but in any case avoiding user

So I wonder whether one can easily take MathML as native
format and pass it through for passivetex for PDF output (which
works fine already), or create an image object from it for html

The other option would be to take tex and make a) mathml and b)
an image from it, if that is possible.

Then one would have alternatively mathml code in the XML source for
print rendering or inclusion of an image for html rendering (or eventually
mathml even for html, if one believes that MathML capable browsers
will become widespread one day).

Anybody done this ? Any examples or suggestions ?

IMHO, MathML is a bit difficult to edit, so I'd rather go for a
TeX format as source ..


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