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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Profiling works with html output, but not with fi/pdf

jirka@kosek.cz said:
>> > Is there something special to do concerning the fo stylesheet ?
>> No, it works same way as in HTML stylesheet. Did you set at least one
>> profiling parameter (profile.*)?

Yes. I set it via the command line using xsltproc, eg

xsltproc --stringparam profile.userlevel "etudiant" [..]

which works fine for html and for the latest stylesheets (see below).

>> You can also try latest version of stylesheets. In some of recent
>> versions there were some bugs in FO profiling which are fixed in the
>> latest release (1.60.1). 

Yes, you are right. But 1.60.1 does *not* render with the current debian
passivetex because of a problem with proportional typesetting. Nevertheless
after downloading the latest passivetex *.sty and *.fmt it works (sort of).


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