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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Question about article header/footer

On Thu, Apr 17, 2003 at 10:44:48AM -0700,
 Bob Stayton <bobs@sco.com> wrote 
 a message of 32 lines which said:

> > BTW, as you ask the question, is it possible to use the
> > DSSSL stylesheets with Docbook XML ? 
> Yes, you can use the DSSSL stylesheets to process DocBook
> XML files.  There is quite a bit of information in the
> list archives about it.

Here is a Makefile to do it, for those who have difficulties with jade


%.tex: %.db ${PRINT_STYLESHEET} 
        jade -t tex -V tex-backend \
                -d ${PRINT_STYLESHEET} \
                ${XML_DECL} $<

%.pdf: %.tex
        # Trick from Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> to recurse jadetex 
        # "just enough".
        -cp -pf prior.aux pprior.aux
        -cp -pf $(shell basename $< .tex).aux prior.aux
        pdfjadetex $<
        if ! cmp $(shell basename $< .tex).aux prior.aux &&             \
                ! cmp $(shell basename $< .tex).aux pprior.aux &&            \
                expr $(MAKELEVEL) '<' $(MAX_TEX_RECURSION); then             \
                rm -f $@                                                ;\
                $(MAKE) $@                                              ;\
        rm -f prior.aux pprior.aux

>  For PDF output, many people prefer the DSSSL tools because the free
> FO processors FOP and PassiveTeX don't support the full XSL-FO spec
> yet.

Also because FOP is not really free: it works only with the non-free
Sun Java implementation.

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