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docbook-apps message

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Subject: xsltproc docbook xinclude and catalogs under win32 :-)

Just dumped all the files in lib and util, as recommended at
I put them all in one directory, /apps/libxml/all.

Batch file is:

set t=%path%
set SGML_CATALOG_FILES=file:/sgml/catalog.xml
set path=%t%;f:\apps\libxml\all
xsltproc   --nonet --catalogs --xinclude -o %3  %2 %1
set path=%t%

Doesn't screw the path up either!

batch <input> <stylesheet> <output>

Only thing that fooled me was the rel path to the catalog file.
I thought it was file:// or file:/f:/ or whatever.

Either way, Bobs
example works well.

Unsure about the --docbook option?
Anyone find it necessary?

Either way, thanks Daniel / Bob. Easy intro to xinclude!
A pleasure to use.

regards DaveP

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