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Subject: Intelligently handling bookmarks in/with docbook ?


I am currently supposed to draft a document, where part of it
should be a list of URLs/bookmarks. Now I wonder what the most
intelligent way of doing this is ?

The point would be to have something that can be re-used for
other documents, ideally extracting bookmarks from a central
file/database via id-keys or so.

Is there a possibility of eg Xbel integration in docbook documents ?

Any general guidelines ?

[OT: any way of using a bookmark sql database and integrating with
     docbook ? ]

Thanks in advance,
  Marc Baaden

 Dr. Marc Baaden  - Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Paris
 mailto:baaden@smplinux.de      -      http://www.marc-baaden.de
 FAX: +49 697912 39550  -  Tel: +33 15841 5176 ou +33 609 843217

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