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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook/XML --> [tgn]roff

On April 25, 2003 10:05 am, Dennis Grace wrote:
> Hi Sam,
> I agree with Yann and Tilly: the jade wrapper (docbook2man) won't work with
> XML. In fact, docbook2man can just barely be said to work with SGML. It
> relies on a fairly simple perl script, which does not institute even one
> tenth of the functionality offered by the DocBook refentry subset.
> I've had a good deal more luck with xslt and xsltproc. Honestly, you'll
> find that even with xsltproc, the DocBook to man page XSLT has a few holes.
> It won't handle tables and it chokes on nested lists. Otherwise, it works
> fairly well.


docbook2X <URL:http://docbook2x.sf.net/>
also has DocBook-to-man conversion.

It does not have table support yet, but I plan to add it (in two or three 
weeks from now). I'm not aware of any problems with nested lists in 
docbook2X, but I don't use that feature regularly.


Steve Cheng 

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