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Subject: Chunked output with .css and images folder

I am chunking xml to xhtml and trying to get my stylesheet and image 
folder all work out with my customization layer.  I have to say pulling 
this together is a bit confusing.  So I am looking for advice on how to 
best organize my files and folders for a book type project.  I have 
provided what I am doing below so hopefully it is possible to follow.  
Here is my problem. An index file is generated in my folder and all my 
html files get generated into their separate chapter folders which is 
great.  The problem is - where is my css ? and how is it going to work 
when index.html when it is at the top level and each chapter folder 
also needs it as well?  I would currently have to have a copy in each 
chapter folder too.  I have the same problem with my images.  All my 
images are in a folder at the same level as my working folder.  So, my 
pages will get images but my index page not.  Is there a better way to 
organize files and folders so that each file is able to find the css 
file and images folder properly? Sorry for being a bit long winded.

In my customization layer I currently have this:

<xsl:param name="html.stylesheet">xhtml-styles.css</xsl:param>
<xsl:param name="html.stylesheet.type">text/css</xsl:param>
<xsl:param name="base.dir"></xsl:param>

So output generated in working directory

I currently have my work stored in separate folders for each chapter
ie chapter01, chapter02 etc.

So here is what I am doing currently which I am trying to follow from a 
Linux Documentation Project doc.

Have a folder that contains each of the chapter folders.  In this 
folder I have an index.xml file that is the start of my book.  It looks 
like this:

<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN" 
"http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/4.2/docbookx.dtd" [
<!ENTITY book SYSTEM "book.xml">
<!ENTITY version "1.0">
<!ENTITY releasedate "May 30, 2003">
<!ENTITY % chapter01 SYSTEM "entities/chapter01.ent">
<!ENTITY % chapter02 SYSTEM "entities/chapter02.ent">
<book><title>My Book Title Here</title>

In my book.xml file I have this:


In entities folder in my working directory have a file for each chapter 
(ie. chaper01.ent)
In this file it looks like this:

<!ENTITY ch01s00 SYSTEM "../chapter01/ch01s00.xml">
<!ENTITY ch01s01 SYSTEM "../chapter01/ch01s01.xml">
<!ENTITY ch01s02 SYSTEM "../chapter01/ch01s02.xml">

In each chapter folder, I have a file for the chapter (ie ch01s00.xml  
for chapter 1) that looks like this:

<chapter id="chapter01">
<title>My Chapter 1 Title Goes Here</title>
<?dbhtml filename="ch01s00.html" dir="chapter01"?>

In my documents, I have rigorous in making sure the path in my links 
goes to an images directory:

In my docs I am using relative links to the images folder.

In addition to my ch01s00,xml  file in my chapter01 folder I have my 


Any advice much appreciated.

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