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Subject: Rendering issues - foodnotes and qandaset

'llo - Just switched over to using the XSL DocBook style sheets and have
my simple customization layer working fine ( so far just modifying
properties ), however, in my rendered document, where ever I use
footnotes, the number identifying the footnote in the main text ( not sure
of the official name for it ) should be in superscript, but its rendering
( with fop ) as the normal font size, so looks really yeck.  Is there a
property I can set for this?

My other problem I've got, is with a qandaset - inside my set I have a
qandadiv then the qandaentry objects, the rendering comes out like:

    QANDAENTRY Question


is it possible for it to format:

A..5. QANDAEntry Question

    QANAEntry Answer

at all?  ( the A is from the Appendix its in ).

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