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Subject: DocBook XSL man page bugs

Maybe I'm missing something here, but when I browse the Bugs list of the
DocBook Open Repository and specify "DocBook XSL manpages" as the category,
I get back a list of two bugs, including one that I just submitted. I get
the same result for status set to either Open or Any, and nothing if I set
the status to anything else.

I know there are more outstanding bugs against this category (three that I
wrote myself: 595213, 599439, and 595165). These show up in the list if I
specify "Any" as the category, but that makes them a bit hard to sort from
the rest.

To make matters more confusing, my sourceforge login page includes separate
listings for

DocBook Open Repository - Bugs


DocBook Open Repository - Manpage Bugs

These are links, which allow me to get to the full list of man page bugs
(except the last one I filed, which is still listed under the DB Open
Repository bugs). So, apparently, you guys are maintaining two lists. Is
there a simple route into the full list of man page bugs for anyone who has
not submitted a bug?


Dennis Grace

Information Developer
IBM Linux Technology Center
(512) 838-3937  T/L 678-3937  cell: (512)-296-7830

If God dropped acid, would He see people?

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