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Subject: Footnote marks in FO output


I know the issue of footnote marks has been discussed numerous times,
but I've run into this particular problem again, and also have a
partial solution.

The FO stylesheets use a <fo:inline> with the attribute
'baseline-shift="super"' to render the in-text footnote markers.  The
default value of the block-level attribute
'line-height-shift-adjustment' is 'consider-shifts', which means that
(even with a customisation to reduce the font size of the marker as
low as 80-85% (stylesheets use 90%)) the baseline of the line
containing the footnote mark is shifted down a little, and for just
that single line -- making whole paragraphs look quite uneven.

If the _surrounding block_ containing the footnote inline has the
attribute 'line-height-shift-adjustment="disregard-shifts"', the
output looks much nicer -- I've tested it by adding it in by hand.  My
naive attempts at getting the attribute where it needs to be (by
customising 'format.footnote.mark' -- it's obviously too late by this
stage) have failed.  I suspect it's probably safest to add it in only
when there's a footnote mark in the block in question.  Can anyone
suggest how?



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