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Subject: HTMLHelp: links to explicitly named anchors seem broken


I am part-way through debugging this, but I thought I'd see if anyone
else had observed this and knows the fix.

I'm generating HTMLHelp with htmlhelp/htmlhelp.xsl (from the 1.60.1
stylesheet distribution).  In the TOC panel of the Windows Help
browser, any links which should point at an explicitly named anchor
(the auto-generated IDs are fine) seem to send the browser searching
somewhere non-local -- seems to be handing some malformed URL to the

Here is an excerpt from the generated toc.hhc:

      <param name="Name" value="Utilities">
      <param name="Local" value="ch02s02.html#id2978761">
    </OBJECT><UL><LI> <OBJECT type="text/sitemap">
      <param name="Name" value="Notepad">
      <param name="Local" value="ch02s02.html#sec:notepad">

As an example, the TOC link to 'Utilities' is fine, but the link to
the explicitly named 'Notepad' sends the browser searching for a
non-local URL.  Debugging is not straightforward, since the HTML Help
browser doesn't give much away about what it's doing.

Any thoughts?



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