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Subject: HTML / HTMLHelp: ignore.image.scaling parameter


I am using htmlhelp.xsl (from 1.60.1) to generate HTML Help, though I
suspect this is a general HTML stylesheet issue.

I have some PNG images which I have scaled to a particular width for
PDF output.  For example:

        <figure id="fig:optform1">
              <imagedata fileref="images/screenshots/fig01.png"
                format="PNG" align="center" contentwidth="12cm"

In HTMLHelp (and HTML) I want to use the full size, unscaled
screenshot.  I have tried:

  <xsl:param name='ignore.image.scaling' select="1"/>

in my driver, but I still get explicit widths added to the <img>
elements in the HTML output:

<img src="images/screenshots/fig01.png" align="middle"
 width="425.196850393701" alt="Options Form">

Shouldn't that parameter achieve what I want?  Can someone suggest an
alternative that doesn't involve adding a new <mediaobject> for a HTML
version of every image I use 'scalefit' on?  :-)



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