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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Use of titleabbrev in list of figurea and tables

Bob Stayton wrote:
>>Hmm, maybe I don't quite understand the meaning of title and titleabbrev 
>>here. Especially in figures with "scientific content", I often have a 
>>large explanation of what is depicted in the figure. In LaTeX, I do that 
>>\caption[short explanation]{very long explanation}
>>There, the list of figures only shows the [short explanation], because 
>>the {very long explanation} were just too long.
>>Maybe <title> and <titleabbrev> is not what I need? But what else then?
> Yes, I think you are looking for something more like
> a caption for such explanations.  The mediaobject element
> inside figure will take a caption element.
> Also, a table element will take a textobject element
> after the title and before the tgroup element.
> I haven't tried these so I don't know how they
> format.

The <textobject> inside <table> is ignored in FO output.
In HTMl output, a link called "D" (why "D"?) appears. Following this 
link, a new browser window pops up which shows the text inside the 

I have a table with nonttrivial information. How do I markup additional 
explanations about the content? Everything in <title> appears when I 
make an <xref> to this table and is listed in the table of contents.
Shouldn't <titleabbrev> be used instead?


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