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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Alternating margins

Hello Patrick,

Patrick Lehrbach wrote:
> I set the param double.sided to "0". I don't want to have alternating page
> layouts concering the left and the right margin. This works for toc,
> chapter and sect.
> But my glossary pages are put out in alternating layout (left and right
> margin is alternating like it should be sone for printing a book). 

i had the same problem. the double.sided param is not being asked at all
relevant occurences.

So i made the "brute-force-attempt:"

I first created the new (?) xsl:params page.margin.left and
page.margin.right with appropriate margin sizes and then:

"find all occurences of x1 and replace them with x2":

  margin-right="{$page.margin.inner}" with
  margin-left="{$page.margin.inner}" with margin-right="{$page.margin.left}"
  margin-left="{$page.margin.outer}" with margin-right="{$page.margin.left}"
and finally
  margin-right="{$page.margin.outer}" with

yes, thats not nice but works fine.
I only replaced the occurences in my driver files, that was enough. 

That makes me think my customization layer had a bug from any cut-and-pasted
Don't Know...

The original params are drought anywhere, so I could not delete them. But
they do not seem to compromise my pages :)

hoping that this is what you was looking for &
best regards, 

I tried to
> put the glossary into an appendix -> same result! Same for biblio btw.
> How can i get rid of these alternating page intentions?
> Thanks Patrick
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