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Subject: mediaobject phrase as caption for figure

I am interested in using my phrase text as a caption underneath my 
image in my output for chunked xhtml output so it results in this:

               <div class="figure">
                 <a id="id542272"/>
                 <p class="title">
                   <b>Figure 7.16. My Figure</b>
                 <div class="mediaobject">
                   <img src="myfigure.jpg" alt="My figure described"/>
                 <p class="imagecaption">                  <!-- this is 
what I want to add -->
                   My figure described                           <!-- 
this is what I want to add -->
     <!-- this is what I want to add -->

from this:

       <title>My Figure</title>
           <imagedata fileref="myfigure.jpg"
                      format="JPG" />
           <phrase>My figure described</phrase>

In the graphics.xsl template in the xhtml folder, I have located the 
mediaobject template. Just under this, I located the
simple template for textobject.

I have added the following to my xhtml chunk customization but I get 

<!-- Generate an image caption underneath each image -->

<xsl:template match="mediaobject/textobject/phrase">
   <p class="imagecaption">
     <xsl:value-of select="."/>

I have also tried this with template match="phrase" since the the 
textobject template simply applies templates.
Any recommendations on how to achieve the desired would be much 

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