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Subject: page numbers and headers erratically come and go

  ok, now that i'm past the Q/A obstacle, here's the next puzzler.
my docbook file is still simple, a number of chapters with anywhere
from one to five sections per chapter -- pretty trivial.  (and it's
not clear whether this is a DB transform problem, or a FOP problem,
i'm still trying to nail that down.)

  first, everything in the ToC looks good, except that the page
numbers are missing on the chapter entries.  they're all there on
the internal section entries, just totally missing for the
chapter lines themselves.

  second, and a little weirder, each chapter starts on a
new page, as does each section.  for the opening chapter
page, and the next two pages in the chapter, there is both
the appropriate header (chapter title) at the top of the
page, and the page number at the bottom.

  suddenly, if there are more pages in the chapter, all
subsequent pages in that chapter are missing their header title
and footer page number.  (it's clear those pages are still
being numbered since the next chapter starts on the correct
page, and those sections *are* listed in the ToC with the
correct page number.)   it's just that, from the third page
of each chapter on, both the header and footer stuff vanishes.

  again, it's hard to tell at what stage this is getting
messed up, so it might be FOP.  i'm still trying to track
that down, but again, i'm open to suggestions.


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