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Subject: more general DB -> FO questions

1) i notice that the fo/docbook.xsl file is adamant that you
   should set indent="no" for correct output under certain
   circumstances.  is this still an issue?  it's *really* 
   convenient to have the possibility of indented .fo output
   if one has to isolate a problem.

2) a previous FOP problem i had was solved based on the advice of
   someone on the FOP list, who referred me to the 
   fo/pagesetup.xsl file and the excerpt

        <xsl:if test="$fop.extensions = 0">
          <xsl:attribute name="region-name">blank-body</xsl:attribute>

   i solved the problem (which, for the life of me, i can't
   remember), by commenting out that entire excerpt.  is there
   any known issue with that conditional?

3) choice of DB -> FO?  xsltproc?  saxon?  xalan?  any big arguments
   one way or the other, other than that xsltproc is smokin' fast
   compared to the other two.  (more on this issue later.)


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