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Subject: A word of thanks

Dear friends,

I just want to pass along a word of thanks.  We are currently expanding
our product line in Windows, and concurrently adding  HTML Help to our
list of output formats.  In a few hours we were able to find and learn
how to use the tools necessary to produce from SGML DocBook source files
a clean, 100% functional version of our Cascade Connect manaul in HTML

The folks here are "damn impressed" by the results, as well as the short
time necessary to make the conversion.

We'd like to thank Daniel Veillard for his work on xsltproc, Jirka Kosek
for his work on the htmlhelp stylesheets, Bob Stayton for his book
"Using the DocBook XSL Stylesheets," and the numerous contributors to
this list, both novices and experts, whose questions and answers have
been very helpful to us in understanding and using DocBook.

Best regards,

Bob McIlvride

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