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Subject: DSSSL: appending


I am using docbook-dsssl-1.78 and OpenJade 1.3.2.

I want to make `releaseinfo' and `date' appear in the titlepage of
a `book' document. So, I put this in my stylesheet

(define book-titlepage-recto-elements
  (append book-titlepage-recto-elements
          (list (normalize "releaseinfo")
                (normalize "date"))))

This produces an OpenJade error saying, "Loop in specification of
value of "book-titlepage-recto-elements"."

If I put parantheses around "book-titlepage-recto-elements" in the
above expression, OpenJade hangs. If I list all the members of
`book-titlepage-recto-elements', like

(define (book-titlepage-recto-elements)
        (list (normalize "title")
	      (normalize "legalnotice")
	      (normalize "releaseinfo")
	      (normalize "date")))

it works.

1. What is the right way to `append' to `book-titlepage-recto-elements'?

2. According to the docs, `book-titlepage-recto-elements' is a
variable, yet it is surrounded by parantheses. Does that mean that
it is a function?

Thank you,

N. Raghavendra <nysraghu@tatanova.com>

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