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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: xsl-stylesheets/manpages

On Mon, May 12, 2003 at 04:10:37PM -0400, Sam Steingold wrote:

> > Are you using '<sbr/>'?
> no.  do you?  should I?  why did it insert one break but not the others?

Actually now that I look at it, the current code ignores sbr

> > > refsection's are not marked as such
> > Are for me.
> in XHTML or groff?

groff, but actually my XML uses refsect1s.  Looks like refsections
aren't handled yet. :-(

> but XMLishly-equivalent
> <varlistentry id="opt-libdir"><term><option>-B</option>
>   <replaceable>lisp-lib-dir</replaceable></term>
>  <listitem><simpara>Specifies the installation directory.
> </simpara></listitem></varlistentry>
> is mis-formatted as
>       -B       lisp-lib-dir Specifies the installation directory.

I don't see this in 1.61.0; also multiple terms seem to work for me as
expected (separated by commas).

> so how do I pass comments on into groff?

With '.\"' I think.  A simplistic template would be:

<xsl:template match="comment()">
  <xsl:text>&#10;.\"</xsl:text><xsl:value-of select="."/>

but that won't work for multiline comments.  Of course you can split
them into lines in the template.


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