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Subject: Saxon 6.5.2 -- big table conversion to html -- size limits?

I have exactly the same experience (for both 1.61.0 and 1.60.1). I got an overflow error with a table having about 1800 simple rows, nothing fancy. Works when I reduced the rows to about 270.

The original table was formatted correctly by XSL Formatter from Antenna House.

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I am having trouble converting a big, but simple table
(1724 rows, five columns, no spanning) to HTML using Saxon

I receive a java.lang.StackOverflowError.

For testing purposes: I had to reduce the table to a
maximum of 227 rows, before this error stopped occurring.

I am using the the docbook XSL stylesheets v. 1.61.0

Is this a problem with Saxon?  Or is this a stylesheet
restriction?  Have other people had similar experiences?

On a related note: Are there ways to convert such a big
table in _chunks_?

If it helps understanding the problem, the table can be
found here


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