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Subject: Re: XML docbook->context sensitive htmlhelp

Andreas Stobe wrote:

> Maybe you can send to me a web-link
> to help for creating context sensitive htmlhelp from xml-file?

If you want to get files contex.h and alias.h, you can place following 
PI into your document:

<?dbhh topicname="FILE_OPEN" topicid="100"?>
<title>Opening files</title>

> xsltproc c:\docbook\xsl\html\htmlhelp.xsl  c:\docbook\MyHelp.xml
> and
> hhc htmlhelp.hhp
> I created a *.chm-file form my XML file, 
> but it is not content sensitive!
> With wich XML (or docbook)-<Tag> I can include my *.hm-File form my VC++
> application?
> (
> // Resources (IDR_*) 
> HIDR_MAINFRAME                          0x20080
> HIDR_HELPTYPE                           0x20081
> // Dialogs (IDD_*) 
> HIDD_ABOUTBOX                           0x20064
> )

I don't know what is *.hm file in VC++. It looks very similar to 
context.h file. Probably placing <?dbhh accoring to your file into 
DocBook source will help. Try adding

<?dbhh topicname="HIDR_MAINFRAME" topicid="131200"?>

into place where this function is documented in DocBook.

If you will find solution, plese let me know, I will add it to 


   Jirka Kosek  	
   e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

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