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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Announce: DocBook XSL V1.61.1 released

Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com> :

>Changes to xsl/fo/*
>  | 2003-05-15  Jirka Kosek <kosek@users.sourceforge.net>
>  | 
>  | 	* autoidx.xsl, autotoc.xsl, component.xsl, division.xsl,
>  | 	  docbook.xsl, index.xsl, param.ent, param.xweb, refentry.xsl,
>  | 	  sections.xsl: Added support for AntennaHouse XSL Formatter.
>  | 	  You can use axf.extensions=1 setting to generate bookmarks,
>  | 	  document info and to merge duplicate page numbers in index.

Is this related to <xsl:include href="axf.xsl"/> in xsl/fo/docbook.xsl ?
This line cause:
    failed to load external entity "/usr/local/share/xsl/fo/axf.xsl"
  compilation error: 
    file /usr/local/share/xsl/fo/docbook.xsl line 72 element include
  xsl:include : 
    unable to load /usr/local/share/xsl/fo/axf.xsl
and indeed no fo/axf.xsl in distribution.


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