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Subject: Re: XSL: glossary bugs

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/ "Christopher R. Maden" <crism@maden.org> was heard to say:
| 1) The glossary titlepage template is poorly parameterized; there's no way 
| to override the size and weight of the title without overriding the entire 
| glossary.titlepage.recto template.  These properties should use 
| parameters.  [The font-weight is in titlepage.templates.xml:856; the 
| font-size seems to be a larger issue of hardcoded sizes in that file, which 
| should probably all use attribute sets or parameters.]
| 2) No attribute set on glossentry/glossterm.  Turning glossterms bold 
| requires overriding the glossentry/glossterm template.  Both that template 
| and probably the fo:list-item-label in the glossentry template should use 
| attribute sets.  [The glossentry template list-item-label is at 
| glossary.xsl:541; the glossentry/glossterm is at :582.]
| 3) Bad mode for first glossdef para.  The glossentry/glossdef/para[1] 
| (etc.) template is in glossary.as.list mode, but the glossentry/glossdef 
| template doesn't apply templates in that mode.  I'm not sure which is 
| proper - probably to apply templates in that mode - but it ought to be 
| fixed.  [Either glossary.xsl:630 or :643.]

Good catches.  Thanks, Chris!

| Finally, is there a way to submit bugs and RFEs directly to SourceForge 
| without having a user ID?  I couldn't find one, so sorry if this is out of 
| line.

No, but the IDs are free. :-)

The problem with allowing anonymous posts is that it's impossible to
contact the poster if we have questions.

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