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Subject: questions about website, and some of the sample sites

  slowly getting my own site up and running with Website, so a
few quick questions:

1) i'm assuming there's no separate forum/mailing list for Website,
   right?  so questions about Website or, for that matter, the
   slides DTD would go here?  just wanting to make sure.

2) is there, somewhere, a reference list of the most common 
   Website customizations?  i'm making my own list, but that's
   based on norm's sample annotated site, perusing the stylesheet
   and asking the occasional expert ("expert" meaning, someone
   who is not me).

3) once upon a time, i asked for some sample sites, and here are
   some of the ones i got:

   www.docbook.org (well, duh)
   www.nwalsh.com (see above)
   www.enoriver.com (my new site)
   www.bytecraft.com (thanks, kirk)

   now, all of those have an obvious common theme, but another of
   the sites that was submitted was


   which seems to have a really different look and feel from the
   previous ones.  at first glance, i would have never guessed
   this to be a website-based site.

   is that site just based on standard customizations?  it sure
   seems to go above and beyond the typical website site i've seen
   thus far.  very nice.



Robert P. J. Day
Eno River Technologies
Unix, Linux and Open Source training
Waterloo, Ontario


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