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Subject: OpenJade CPU usage (Was: Newbie's therapy)

>>>>> Yann Dirson <ydirson@fr.alcove.com>:

> I advise you use the stable openjade in package openjade1.3.

Just made some observations of openjade CPU usage, when producing RTF
files from DocBook.  When running the default testing openjade,
ie. 1.4devel1-8, it made heavy use of the CPU for quite a while (at
least comparet to xsltproc processing the DocBook XSL style sheets).

When using the openjade 1.3 installed by default on RedHat8, it had
such a low CPU usage that it didn't even show up in top, before at the
end when it had a flash of high CPU usage and then terminated after
writing the RTF file.

But the time used for the two, was about the same.


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