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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Hyphenation character

On Sat, 17 May 2003, Ian Moor wrote:

> >Since xsl-stylesheets version 1.61.0 i get "#" and boxes instead of hyphonation dashes on the titlepage and within tables (while creating pdf)... in the normal text the hyphenation works correct.
> >
> >I don't think that this is a problem of FOP because it worked with the older stylesheets. 
> >
> >BTW: The latest FOP version works fine with the "older" hyph-patterns. 
> >Just insert the languagespecific file in the hyph directory of FOP 0.20.5rc2 (or specify one in the config file). 
> >
> The  english hyphenation-character is  now defined in common/en.xml  by  version 1.61.0 of the xsl-stylesheets,
> I replaced the definition <l:gentext key="hyphenation-character" text="&#8208;"/>
> with <l:gentext key="hyphenation-character" text="-"/> and the pdf output  has a dash instead of a #.

i long ago meant to ask about this.  the file common/en.xml has a fairly 
adamant warning at the top that that file is auto-generated and shouldn't
be messed with.

under the circumstances, how does one *properly* override the current
hyphenation character of "#" with something more reasonable.  you know,
like, oh, i don't know ... "-" ? :-)

i mean, it's not a param, it's not a template, i'm not sure *what* one
is supposed to do, short of the above, which is just edit the file.


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