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Subject: Fixed width table and wrap.

Hi there Rodolfo, 
I experimented with a similar customization using proportional width tables, e.g. width="30%" of page
I think I defined a table style and then customized the dsssl table parsing to pickup the 
stylename and adopt an appropriate width. 
The stylesheet customization and sgml source it was used on you can find in the cvs repository 
Unfortunately my dsssl skills aren't that good, but for me it did the job ...

The manual was for xtal at  xtal.sourceforge.net  There you can see the online HTML form 
as well as the final PDF  to see how badly it all turned out, if you care.

Hope something useful therein.


is it possible to have fixed width table (ala HTML's <table
width="100px"...>)?, and have the text inside a cell to wrap if it is too
wide?. Anyone knows of a customization for achieving this?.

Using XML DocBook and modular DSSSL (latest one) with openjade and the
other tools which come with RedHat and Mandrake.

Thanks in advance,

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