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Subject: Re: [docbook] Managing translations

Le mar 10/06/2003 à 18:37, David N. Welton a écrit :
> [ Please CC replies to me. ]
> Hi, one of the Apache Rivet users just supplied us with a complete
> translation of the documentation in Russian.  Wow!  As happy as I am
> to have received this donation, I'm now faced with learning how to
> manage it as quick as possible.  For instance:
> 1) How to attempt to keep the two files coordinated in some way?

You may consider Borges

> 2) Maybe this falls a bit outside the scope of this list, but... how
>    do I go about automatically generating properly named HTML files
>    (introduction.ru_UTF.html or whatever it is)?  I use xsltproc.

Hmm, I don't get what's your need here?


> I didn't find a search function for the mailing list archives, but if
> someone knows there is a discussion covering this topic, I'd be happy
> to go read it.
> Thankyou,

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