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Subject: ANNOUNCE: Docbook XSL: The Complete Guide

I'm pleased to announce the completion and publishing
of my book (formerly known under the working title
"Using the DocBook XSL Stylesheets").  The book's new
title is:

   DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide
   by Bob Stayton
   Published by Sagehill Enterprises
   ISBN 0-9741521-0-2

The book is being published initially as an eBook,
available for download in PDF form.   That form makes it
easy to publish and distribute updated versions
as the stylesheets continue to be developed.

The PDF book is available for 29.95 $US for
an individual license from Sagehill Enterprises
(http://www.sagehill.net).  The purchase price includes
free updates for a year.  Site licenses are also available.

A new HTML version of the book is also available, in a new
location and format. I'm still making the HTML version
available for free.  See
I'll soon redirect old bookmarks to the new

I'm also using the occasion to launch a new version of
the sagehill.net website and DocBook consulting services.

As always, feedback welcome.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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