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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] ANNOUNCE: docbook2X 0.8.2: convert to man pagesand Texinfo

Hi Steve,

if you download the libxslt sources via the Cygwin setup client and not 
from CVS, you should be able to build them, as they are the basis for 
the respective build.

Elfyn McBratney is the new maintainer of the Cygwin libxml and libxslt 
packages. He has released just last week updated versions of them which 
run smoothly with the latest XLS stylesheets. If you have questions on 
building libxslt on Cygwin, you should talk to him. You can reach him 
via the Cygwin mailing list: cygwin at cygwin dot com


Steve Cheng schrieb:
> Hello all.
> Now, it seems that a lot of people here use Windows for their DocBook work,
> and I have a request to get docbook2X to work on cygwin.
> Unfortunately I haven't been able to; so far libxslt refuses to build.
> Does anyone have any pointers? Thanks.

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