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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] two-column problem


> > The bug is in XSL FO stylesheets, and, in my opinion, it should be
> > fixed. If Antenna House demonstrates a non-compliant behaviour,
> > it can be used in the corresponding customization level; but the
> > base stylesheets should not rely on it.

The XSL-FO stylesheets should follow the XSL-FO specification, but they 
should also make it possible to span columns. As Bob points out, it 
should be very difficult with the current architecture of stylesheets.

> Looking at the DocBook XSL stylesheets, this could be
> tough to implement.  The stylesheets often nest fo:blocks
> as nested DocBook elements are processed.  If a column
> span is requested in some nested element (like a table
> in a section in a chapter), then all pending blocks would
> have to be closed out, a new block started that is a direct
> child of the fo:flow, and then start over with the blocks
> that follow the table.
> Or the stylesheet architecture would have to change
> to a much flatter sequence of blocks that are direct
> children of the fo:flow.

In any case, this means a lot of work and many changes to the XSL-FO-
stylesheets. I You need results fast, I would rely on a "broken" XSL-FO 
processor and include support for this "broken" processor in the 
parametrization of the stylesheets.

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