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Subject: Re: FW: [docbook-apps] two-column problem

> I forgot to hit "Reply All" when working with Bill.  For his situation, we
> were able to fix the problem by changing the template for <section/> to not
> create an <fo:block/> surrounding the entire section, just around the
> section header information.  That won't work for all tables, of course, and
> it prevents certain types of customizations (e.g., indenting sections), but
> if page-wide tables are important, this may be an easy way to do it.

Actually, anything but top-level objects, while spanned, will
create more problems to stylesheets than solutions. Should spanned
tables be indented with indented sections? 

What should be done to borders/backgrounds of surrounding blocks
if a spanned object is not top-level? 

There are few limitations in XSL FO such as this; but when they are
there, they are well thought out.

As it turns out, the changes to stylesheets are quite simple; in fact,
I would expect XSL stylesheets to actually ban use of spanned objects
or drop just the attribute
anywhere but at the top level of XSL FO output. The stylesheets should
produce correct XSL FO output from correct docbook input.

David Tolpin

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