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Subject: Re: [ANN] DHTML Slides

>>>>> Lars Trieloff <lars@trieloff.net>:

> Some time ago here on the list came the question for an DHTML-enabled
> version of the XSL-Stylesheets for the DocBook-Slides-DTD.
> For a presentation I created a new XSL-Stylesheet for the Slides DTD
> with
> - animated transitions betweeen foils
> - table of contents and autogenerated overview for foilgroups
> - navigateable via keypress
> - CSS for print (gives you nice handouts)

> It currently works for Mozilla and other Geck-based browsers and
> Internet EXplorer.

Cool stuff!

FYI, I tried your example with Opera 7.11 on linux, and it mostly worked.

The commands SPACE, n, 3+n, and t seemed to work as expected.

The left and right arrows didn't do anything.

The p command caused the display to go grey, then took forever to come
up with the previous slide, and when it did, it showed a bit of grey
outside of the slide at the top together with the text Page xx.

I guess "p" is already taken as a keyboard shortcut for "print
preview" on Opera...?  That's what it looks like, at least.

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