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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Mapping http://docbook.sourceforge.net identifier (catalogs)

Hello Marc,

First of all you can just turn off Docbook draft mode using
"draft.mode" parameter or change URL of watermark image using
"draft.watermark.image". You can set these parameters in your
customization stylesheet or using command-line (please refer to
Docbook stylesheets documentation).

The more general approach is to setup XML catalogs properly. Very
helpful info about XML catalogs creation can be found here:
Note that starting from version 3.5 XEP provides support for XML
catalogs (so there is no real need for extension any more). Use of 
XML catalogs with XEP described in section "3.5. Resolution of
External Entities and URIs" of "XEP 3.5 User Guide" (userguide.pdf,
included in XEP distribution).

Hope that helps.

Best regards,
Alexander Peshkov                             mailto:peshkov@renderx.com

MB> Hi,

MB> I have some trouble of the sort

MB> {?Could not retrieve image from 'http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/images/draft.png': java.net.NoRouteToHostException: No route to host}

MB> when trying to render a docbook document translated to fo with XEP. (this is 
MB> due to the fact that we are now firewalled and use a proxy). But more 
MB> importantly, I would like to avoid fetching things like that, as they are
MB> locally installed in my case (eg 
MB> /usr/share/sgml/docbook/stylesheet/xsl/nwalsh/images/draft.png).

MB> I thought this would be taken care of by catalog files, but I couldn't find
MB> any mapping of docbook.sourceforge.net to local files. Is there a reason ?

MB> (NB: I am using Debian, and until now most things were automagically 
MB> catalogued correctly).

MB> Should I add something directly to /etc/catalogs, or how else to properly 
MB> setup these things ?

MB> (NB: I have compiled the little java extension from 
MB> http://xep.xattic.com/lists/xep-support/0680.html to make catalogs available 
MB> to XEP, so that should not be a problem).

MB> Thanks in advance,
MB>   Marc Baaden

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