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Subject: Using docbook-generated htmlhelp

Hello all,

I hava a question for those of you that generate htmlhelp from docbook 
and link to that from their windows programs. I'm wondering what the 
best way is to do it; in the past, I have put <indexterm> elements in my 
docbook documents and then linked to there using ::HtmlHelp() with 
HH_KEYWORD_LOOKUP. The downsides to that are that I cannot link to 
somewhere in the middle of a page, and that the 'index' pane of htmlhelp 
is always opened. That, and I need to maintain a list of <indexterm> 
elements, besides the id="" attributes that I already have.

So my question is: is there a way to link to DocBook id attributes using 
::HtmlHelp() with the HH_KEYWORD_LOOKUP method? The problem is that I do 
not know the filename that is generated for a certain page (my call 
needs to look something like
"c:\somepath\\htmlhelp.chm::/ch03s01.html", HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC, NULL);

but it would be a PITA to have to hardcode the html filenames; and them 
having to change them every time I reorder my document.

I hope the explanation of the problem is clear; does anyone recognize 
the situation? How can I solve this? Thanks!



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