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Subject: Strange characters in single-file HTML output

Good morning:

When I convert a document to HTML, I get different results depending on
whether it's a single file or a chunked set. With the single document I get:

Chapter¬ 1.¬ Akiko
  Now¬ that¬ I've¬ met¬ you,¬ would¬ you¬ object¬ to
  Never¬ seeing¬ each¬ other¬ again
  Deathly¬ --¬ Aimee¬ Mann¬
  (Mythology¬ Archives,¬ Nevarra¬ University)

WIth the chunked document I get the result I'd expect.

I've updated the stylesheets to the lastest distribution. I've tried
rewriting the text, moving back and forth between Unix/Linux and Windows and
have no idea what the problem is or how to deal with it

Carlos E. Araya
email: werewolf25@earthlink.net
Web: http://rivendell.no-ip.info

We can move with savage grace to the rhythms of the night
Cool and remote like dancing girls in the heat of the beat and the lights
We can wear the rose of romance an air of joie de vivre
Too tender hearts upon our sleeves or skin as thick as thieves, thick as
Rush -- Force Ten

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