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Subject: Re: [xml-dev] XSLT vs. CSS (Re: Indexing)

Mitch Amiano wrote:

> That complexity is a trade-off which many apparently feel is well worth it.
> Complex styling transforms of the kind enabled by XSLT, aren't plausible 
> One should use the best tool for the job. Sometimes that does mean 
> avoiding XSLT and conveniently attaching CSS styles. Other times it 
> means going with a full-bore transformation. The diversity of glitches 
> in implementations of both  XSLT and CSS mean that in the general case 
> there is rarely a clear-cut path. Both are valuable components in the 
> toolkit.

 From my efforts with turning custom XML formats into nice pretty HTML 
for display, I'd say that the XSLT was fine for producing tables of 
contents, indices, cross references and whatnot - but it would have been 
lovely to be able to leave the fine detail to CSS, seperating the 
process into "structural transformation" and "styling". Perhaps a 
pipelined approach is the way to go.

> Mitch


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