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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook kit -- an idea

Hello Carlos:

For the fisrt question:

I think it would be great if one could build something like profiles, 
and then
save it. These profiles would contain all the pertinent information to 
deal with
a particular rendering process. They would contain for example, the 
program to
run to apply the stylesheets, the general and particular parameters to 
be used
in this particular task (for example, stylesheets to apply, parameters 
as those you can use with OpenJade, etc.) and the same por the rendering 
if you want to run it with this profile (or task - perhaps better name? )
As some of this information are files inside your system or somewhere in 
a network,
it would be nice to have a frienldy interface that helps you in the task 
of select those
files and include its links in the defined profile or tasks.
Some tools I have seeen are too text-file oriented, its like to build 
several batch
files. In my opinion, once you have a running system, all you need is to 
use diferents
parameters, as those cited previously.

Hope this help a bit.
Juan R. Migoya

Carlos Araya wrote:

>2 questions:
>What do people think such a kit should have?
>Is there enough interest to explore what it would take to build such file in
>this list and, eventually move the discussion and product to Sourceforge?
>Carlos E. Araya
>email: werewolf25@earthlink.net
>Web: http://rivendell.no-ip.info

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