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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to encode HTMLHelp topic alias: <?dbhh topicname="some_title" topicid="42"?>

> > When I run this through xsltproc --nonet 
> > /usr/share/docbook-xsl/htmlhelp/htmlhelp.xsl mydocbook.xml
> > I get the following in my alias.h file that's included in my alias.h 
> > 
> >   foo=ch01.html    (I can't find any use of '#' or a fragment 
> HTML Help API doesn't support fragment identifiers.

You'd mentioned that it is autogenerated (by XSL?) when the corresponding
element does not have an id. I'm not clear what you mean by the 
element'? Given:

  <?dbhh topicname="abc" topicid="123"?>

Do you mean I should have something like the following in the same 

  <chapter><para id="123">...</para></chapter>
Do you mean that if I don't have a target element with the corresponding 
attribute, XSL would generate and add the name attribute like <a 
in the output .html file, and simultaneously put the name attribute value
as comment in the alias.h file?

This is probably the wrong place to point it out, but WebWorks Publisher
that my group has been using to extract content out of FrameMaker 
puts '#' and a number after it in the alias header file which gets 
by .hhp file. For example:

  menu_help_contents = menus133.htm#1001719

When you mentioned 'fragment identifier', I thought you meant this number, 

and wanted to generate the same number in XSL transformation from Docbook 
to HTML Help project.

My questions come down to these:

0) What is the granularity of a navigation by topic in HTML Help?
   Can we use a topic to go to a specific position on a page? Or
   can we only go to the top of a page (.html file) that includes the
   topic marker? I'm beginning to get the feeling that topic = .html file.

1) So what is fragment identifier? context.h and alias.h seem enough to 
   locate the .html file within .chm file. Does fragment identifier
   do anything to locate a position within the .html file?

2) If fragment identifier locates a specific position within a page
   for a topic, how am I to use it?

> > In the ch01.html, I find:
> > 
> >   <p><a name="foo"></a></p>
> > 
> > There is no mention of "777" anywhere, either in the alias.h file or 
> > intermediate .html file.
> This number you can find in context.h which should be generated by 
> stylesheets.

So context.h is to be used by a C++ app that wants to call the 
HTML Help topics by topic name? And we must carefully assign
unique numbers by hand to the topicid attribute in <?dbhh> PIs?

I guess the reason to hardcode the topicid in <?dbhh> PI is to prevent
unwanted recompilation in the C++ project each time the topic id changes?
Otherwise, I don't see any reason to predispose the association between 
topicname and topicid in Docbook XML. It is strictly for building HTML

Thank you again in advance for your help.


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