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Subject: SAXON - extensions dont work (classpath is set i think)


i just tried to use the adjustColumnWidths - Extension.
should be easy: add saxon651.jar to classpath, thats all.

but i always get this errormessage:

C:\FEY\sax65>java -cp c:\fey\saxon651.jar -jar saxon.jar -o out\tableex.htm
No adjustColumnWidths function available.
Processing terminated by xsl:message at line 404

unforunately its not very detailed, so i dont know if saxon finds the .jar
at all...

same with this classpath:

C:\FEY\sax65>echo %classpath%
C:\FEY\sax65>java -cp %CLASSPATH% -jar saxon.jar ...

im a newbe to java so most likely i did something wrong, but i cant imagine
im using java 1.4.0_02, w2k sp3

i lost hope :/ plz help


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