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Subject: Problem with PDF outlines and dsssl stylesheets..

Hello there,

I am using docbook-dsssl version 1.78 to convert a manual to PDFs. I have 
pieced together a small test document to show what my problem is:


I have a <part> with several <reference>'s inside. Inside each <reference> 
is some <refentry>'s. I would like <reference>'s to appear within the 
<part>. It does in the TOC, but not in the outline. It also does it when I 
convert to HTML using XSLTPROC.

PDF: http://www.tanis.dk/test.pdf
HTML: http://www.tanis.dk/test/

Is there any way I can change this behavior? Can I override it using a 
customization stylesheet? If I can, please explain how.

Thanks in advance.


Sune Trudslev

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