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Subject: pagelayout customisation

I've been using the DocBook stylesheets to produce htmlhelp and the results
have been great.  Lately I've been using it to produce pdf and impressed
with its capabilities - especially in comparison to other applications that
require several processes to produce TOC's and page refeerences etc...

I would like to continue using these stylesheets but I have a few questions
relating to level in which the stylesheets can be customised from the
standard(?) page layout to produce my desired page layout, as depicted

   --------------------               to             ---------------------
   Title                                                 Title

Currently when I adjust the margins and indent the title the header rule
adjusts accordingly ie. it adjusts in accordance with the width of the body

I am also concerned about page breaks.  I currently have set page breaks at
a specified section level but I still get section titles appearing at the
bottom of the page.  Does this mean I need to force the break with a PI?

I also want to add top/bottom space between an imageobject and text but have
been unable to determine how?

Any advice would be appreciated. cheers, Mark.

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