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Subject: want to add extra fonts to docbook -> fo processing

  my current project consists of a sizable manual written in docbook, run
through xsltproc to generate .fo, and finally through FOP to generate PDF.  
so far, so good, although i'd really like to replace the default monospace

  at the moment, the default monospace courier just looks too wide and
takes up too much space, so i'd like to replace it with the monospace font
that o'reilly is using in their newer books -- they list it as
"LucasFont's TheSans Mono Condensed."  although it appears that that's a
commercial font, so i'll take anything resaonably close i don't have to
pay for. :-)  i just want a monospace font that's noticeably narrower,
that's all.  so how to go about this?

  first, if i want all monospaced environments to use whatever replacement
font i come up with, i assume all i need to do is set the parameter

<xsl:param name='monospace.font.family' select="'whatever','monospace'"/>

  (at the moment, it's set to just 'monospace', so if i want to add a
higher-priority selection, is that how i'd do it?)

  once i do the above, i assume i can redefine whatever elements i want
using "inline.monoseq", "inline.boldmonoseq" and so on.

  so the questions:

  1) any recommendations for decent narrow monospaced fonts?

  2) what would i need to put in place of "whatever" above?  from what
     i read, i can name the font any way i want since all i have to do
     is use the same name in the FOP step.

  3) anyone successfully added additional fonts to FOP, based on the 
     web page http://xml.apache.org/fop/fonts.html ??  

in short, if anyone has gone through this process, i'd be delighted
to hear how you did it.


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