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Subject: pagelayout customisation (re-posted with clarifications)


This is a re-post of an email sent last Friday with clarifications:

I've been using the DocBook stylesheets to produce htmlhelp and the results
have been great.  Lately I've been using it to produce pdf and I am
impressed with its capabilities - especially in comparison to other
applications that require several processes to produce TOC's and page
references etc...

I would like to continue using these stylesheets but I have a few questions
relating to level in which the stylesheets can be customised from the
standard(?) page layout to produce my desired page layout:

For example, I'm trying to acheive an A4 page layout where:
page.margin.inner is 80mm,
page.margin.right is 30mm (ie. body text ~100mm).

I want to outdent the title.margin.left 50mm and draw a horizontal rule
above the the top level section title starting from the outdent across to
the right hand margin. Consequently, I'd like the footer HR to match these
section title rules. The output is double sided but the layout is not

I am also concerned about page breaks.  I currently have set page breaks at
a specified section level but I still get section titles appearing at the
bottom of the page.  Does this mean I need to force the break with a PI? I
use Fop.

I also want to add top/bottom space between an imageobject and text but have
been unable to determine how - is this related to an image's viewport?

Any advice would be appreciated. cheers, Mark.

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