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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] want to add extra fonts to docbook -> fo processing

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Alexander Peshkov wrote:

> Hello Robert,
> RPJD>   at the moment, the default monospace courier just looks too wide and
> RPJD> takes up too much space, so i'd like to replace it with the monospace font
> RPJD> that o'reilly is using in their newer books -- they list it as
> RPJD> "LucasFont's TheSans Mono Condensed."  although it appears that that's a
> RPJD> commercial font, so i'll take anything resaonably close i don't have to
> RPJD> pay for. :-)  i just want a monospace font that's noticeably narrower,
> RPJD> that's all.  so how to go about this?
> As a quick workaround you can add following attribute-set in your
> customization layer:
> <xsl:attribute-set name="monospace.properties">
>   <xsl:attribute name="font-stretch">semi-condensed</xsl:attribute>
> </xsl:attribute-set>
> It should make a trick. (It works for XEP, but I don't know if current
> version of FOP supports 'font-stretch').

sadly, no.  and i'm embarrassed to admit that, as i was typing the
original note, i was thinking to myself, "make sure you mention that
you thought of font-stretch and that it isn't supported yet, since
someone is *bound* to suggest it."  argh.

and, regardless of whether font-stretch was supported or not, i'd
still want to eventually start playing with other fonts.  slowly,
but surely, FOP is getting there, and i'm pretty happy with it


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