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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Cross-references through Framemaker?


Your question is giving me a light on my own problem.

<olink>'s targetdocent attribute is a way to encode reference to an entity
without actually using the &enitytname; notation, which would cause XSLT 
to resolve and consequently lose the parameterization. By using <olink>
I can run XSLT on a document many times, and the document will retain 
the entity reference.

About your question, I suspect what you want is to translate <olink>
into a FrameMaker variable reference, and the value of its 'targetdoc' 
attribute as the definition of that variable. 

I have been able to import entities as FrameMaker variable without
any work by using the XDocBook application that ships with FM7. 
However, I'm having trouble with a FrameMaker read/write rule to translate
<olink> into a variable reference:

    element "olink"
        is fm reference element /* this is wrong first of all */
       /* And what should I do with "targetdocent" attribute? */

I might have to modify the API client to do this.

I'll keep trying for a while. I cannot spend much time with it for the 
couple of days, but I will let you know if I find out how to make this 
Likewise, I'd like to know if you work this out first.


Carl Anderson <cea@ncipher.com> wrote on 07/28/2003 11:39:25 AM:

> Hi all,
> I've been lurking quite a while and reading, but now find I need to post 
> question ....
> My docs team writes manuals in XML using docbook, and we pour this 
> FrameMaker 7 to produce PDFs using Frame's template/EDD 
> configuration.  This set-up allowed us to migrate easily from an 
> all-FrameMaker environment to one in which we can work with DocBook XML 
> (much better for us) while being able to take advantage of Framemaker's 
> strengths in producing good-looking PDFs that looked like the PDFs we 
> produced from our earlier all-Framemaker set-up.
> However, we've had some difficulty getting things to behave the way we'd 

> like, and we're not always sure where we're running into limitations on 
> what Frame can do with XML (of which, of course, there are a number!), 
> where we're screwing up, or some combination of these problems :)  One 
> our particular difficulties is trying to get cross-references working in 

> our output PDFs.
> What we we think we need is a tranformation that converts olinks (with a 

> targetdocent specified) into cross-references that link to the target 
> entity.  We've played with this a bit, but without much success so far. 
> would be useful to know if there's a tried-and-tested way of doing this 
> before we spend a lot of time barking up the wrong tree.  Alternatively, 
> would be useful to know if xrefs to linkends outside the source file are 

> the usual way to do cross-references.  Do anyone have any experience 
> this sort of thing?
> Cheers,
> Carl
> --
> Carl E. Anderson  mailto:cea@ncipher.com  http://www.ncipher.com/
> nCipher Corporation Ltd.   +44 1223 723690   Fax: +44 1223 723601 
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