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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Entities references vs. XRef as a way to manage changingglossary

> The new olink can work for your purposes.  If a target
> datafile has a matching entry (targetdoc and targetptr)
> for an olink, and the @href attribute on the entry exists
> but is empty, then you will get the olink text with no
> hot link.  You could generate the target datafile for the
> glossary entries using the DocBook stylesheet, then do
> an identity transform on it that just changes the href
> attributes to be blank.
> Olinks should survive all of your transformations,
> since only the DocBook XSL stylesheets know how to
> resolve them.

Since the target database for olink's entries are in a separate
file from the document where the references live, I cannot
think of how to import both the references and the entries 
into FrameMaker while retaining their relationships.

Is this possible?

I have a book that includes many chapters via entity references.
In these chapters, I want to maintain parameterization of text.
Since everything is imported into a single document at the 
book level, I should still be able to use <xref> and <link> 
if I did not care about the hot links appearing in HTML output.
Is there an easy to way to kill the hot links for <xref>s?

Also, does <olink> mechanism work with FO > PDF output route?


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