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Subject: FW: [docbook-apps] chunk.xsl for cocoon

Thanks Gisbert,

The rootid parameter works well. I am able to generate each chapter separately where the document contains the equivalent of <chapter id="ch1">....</chapter>. For example, I just set the parameter rootid="ch1" and I get the first chapter.

However, I can not see how to extract only the "table of contents" page, ie I can't see any tag to add the attribute id="menu" to. If I do this to the book tag I get the whole document. 

Any ideas on how to generate the "Table of Contents" page only ?


-----Original Message-----
From: Gisbert Amm [mailto:gia@webde-ag.de] 
Sent: Thursday, 31 July 2003 18:09
To: Walsh, Mark; docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] chunk.xsl for cocoon

> I currently have some documents in docbook format, that were 
> required to be displayed on the web.
> Using xhtml/chunk.xsl (docbook-xsl-1.61.3) I have been able 
> to convert the docbook documents into html pages. Using 
> frames I was able to put the "Table of Contents" in the left 
> frame and the "Contents of a Chapter" in the right frame 
> (reference 
> http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/HtmlFrames.html). All works well.
> Instead of batch generating the html files (and storing them 
> on the file system), I would like to keep only the docbook 
> files on the file system and generate the html upon request. 
> Using cocoon and xhtml/docbook.xsl (docbook-xsl-1.61.3), I 
> have been able to dynamically generate the html files (ie the 
> output of docbook.xsl goes to standard out). All works well.
> The only problem is, I create one huge html page.
> I would like to create the same effect as I obtained when 
> using xhtml/chunk.xsl and frames. I cannot see how to do 
> this, as I can't see how to get chunk.xsl to write to 
> standard out and not a file. Also I do not know how to tell 
> chunk.xsl to only produce the section of document I am 
> interested in (eg "table of Contents", chapter 1 etc..)
> Any ideas/suggestion would be appreciated.

Probably you could carry on with docbook.xsl, using the rootid parameter
(http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/doc/html/rootid.html) to
specify the part of the document you want to transform.

Gisbert Amm

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